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Olamic Cutlery

Olamic Cutlery is well known for exceptional fit and finish, impeccable attention to detail, and only the best materials. "Olamic Cutlery - Never The Same!"
Olamic Skinner - Giraffe/Micarta
3.5” Damascus blade
OAL: 8.0”
Stabilized giraffe bone/natural micarta handle with moonglow spacer and nickel silver bolster
Black leather dangler sheath
Olamic Necker
2.75” Damascus blade
OAL: 5.5”
Natural bone handle
Black leather neck sheath
Padded storage pouch

Olamic Cutlery Wayfarer 247 Sculpted with Hole Pattern


Titanium bronze seabed w/holes handle

Titanium bronze seabed clip, bronze seabed backbar

3.5" M390 Sheepscliffe blade, 0.135" thick

OAL: 8.0"


Olamic Cutlery Wayfarer 247 Basaltic


Titanium bronze/blue basaltic handle

Titanium bronze/blue basaltic clip, bronze standoffs

3.5" M390 satin tanto blade, 0.135" thick

OAL: 8.0"


Olamic Cutlery Busker - Entropic


Titanium Entropic faux bolster handle with jeweling

Titanium sculpted Entropic clip, Entropic rocks backbar

2 3/8" M390 satin Gusto blade, 0.138" thick

OAL: 6.0"


Olamic Cutlery Busker - Kinetic Acid Rain


Titanium kinetic acid rain handle

Titanium kinetic acid rain clip, kinetic acid rain backbar

2 3/8" M390 stonewash Largo blade, 0.138" thick

OAL: 6.0"


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